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I still have baby teeth for my canine teeth. i want t do something about it. should i get veneers?

or would you suggest other methods or something. how much would you think veneers would cost?

I still have baby teeth for my canine teeth. i want t do something about it. should i get veneers?
I have a veneer on one of my baby teeth in the front of my mouth. I am over 40 and still have 3 baby teeth with no permanent teeth underneath. You want to hang on to the real tooth as long as you can so go with a veneer. My veneer was around $120, but it really depends on a lot of factors. A veneer on an existing tooth is a lot cheaper than a cap or replacement fake tooth.
Reply:not exactly sure but my brother had the same problem and hes 35 had to have a lot of surgery i dont know if age makes a brother didn't have to pay for the extensive treatment he had but it was very expensive.


Does having your baby teeth pulled affect your adult teeth?

my daught€r r€c€ntly had t€€th pull€d and i was wond€ring if it aff€ct€d th€ straightn€ss of h€r t€€th

Does having your baby teeth pulled affect your adult teeth?
wow..weird writing. anyway, no it doesn't affect her adult teeth. never affected mine
Reply:yeah maybe it does
Reply:I doubt it. I only had one tooth pulled when I was younger though. Now I have all my adult teeth and they're straight and I've never had braces.
Reply:Yes, it does. It gives the permanent teeth more room so they can grow in straighter. There's no guarantee that she won't need braces in the future but I had to have teeth pulled for the same reason.
Reply:If you were advised to have them pulled i can not see there being a problem. If they were just pulled for no reason it might affect the spacing when it comes to future teeth. But that again is not a big problem as that can be fixed with retainers and such.
Reply:you don't say why she had them pulled or how old she is. if she's old enough and ready for permanent teeth, it won't hurt them at all. the baby teeth have to leave to make room for the adult teeth.
Reply:supposedly, it won't affect adult teeth at all.
Reply:Absolutely, there is a reason the baby teeth erupt in a certain order and a reason they fall out in a certain order. If a baby tooth is pulled to early then the baby teeth with shift to fill in that missing space. You can put a spacer in there to hold that space unitl the permanent tooth comes in. But the shifting will cause more problems. For example, no one wants to fix baby teeth because they fall out but if you do not replace a missing baby tooth with a spacer the permanent teeth can not erupt properly if they are shifting and this will result in 5000 braces and even jaw problems or wearing of the teeth.
Reply:shouldn't but if the teeth are close together they'll grow in crooked

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Do dogs have baby teeth like humans and then when they fall out they grow an adult pair of teeth?

Yes, puppies have 28 deciduous (temporary) teeth and 42 permanent teeth. Puppies have no teeth at birth, and grow deciduous teeth beginning their second week of life. At three months of age, the deciduous teeth begin to be replaced by the permanent teeth.

The replacement process begins with the incisors, and moves backwards through the canines, premolars and finally the molars. The turnover process is usually complete by the time the dog is eight months old, with none of the original 28 deciduous teeth remaining. Most deciduous teeth are swallowed with food and never seen by the pet owner. Occasionally, a deciduous tooth is merely pushed to the side and retained next to the permanent tooth. Retained deciduous teeth can be removed by a veterinarian.

The incisors turn over from deciduous to permanent from two to four months of age. The canines usually convert around six months of age. The premolars and molars follow in that order, with the last permanent molar erupting around eight months of age.

The exact schedule does vary from breed to breed.

Do dogs have baby teeth like humans and then when they fall out they grow an adult pair of teeth?
You're very welcome and thank you for picking my answer.

If you're lucky, you might be able to fine one or two to put in a puppy scrapbook like I did :-) Report It

Reply:yes dogs do have baby teeth. When you see one fall out, don't worry. He/she might have a bit of pain but it will go away.
Reply:my dog lost her first tooth at 3 months yes and yes

Hope i answered your ? :D
Reply:Yes dogs have baby teeth and they fall out anywhere from 3 to 6 months of age, being replaced by adult teeth, I have two dogs that kept baby teeth and the adult teeth fused to them so the baby teeth had to be pulled.
Reply:Yeah duh! They have sharp puppy teeth and then once those fall out, their adult teeth come in. Do you really think adult teeth would really fit in a small puppy's mouth!
Reply:yep,they sure do.and they need dental care too.ask your vet about that,as you can brush their teeth with special doggy paste.can also buy mouth rinse to add to water.
Reply:yep! Then they get Grown up teeth like we do.
Reply:Yes. It is a real good idea to keep an eye when the adult teeth start cutting to make sure the baby teeth are falling out. Just like kids, the baby tooth may not come out and create a problem.
Reply:yes, I have a Bulldog named Muggs and when his baby teeth fell out they were so little, he was around 8 weeks old, he was young when he started losing them, I would find them on the floor.

Hope this helps!

Oh and yes, Adult teeth then replace the baby teeth....*smile*

is your puppy losing teeth?
Reply:Yes puppies have 28 baby teeth and adults have 42.
Reply:yes they do.
Reply:Yes they do have baby teeth and they do get in adult teeth.

Some breeds do retain baby teeth and need them extracted though.
Reply:yes but sometimes they lose them in the yard so you may not notice all of them coming out, however if you look in your dogs mouth you probably cant really tell because in the wild they need to eat os they grow back very fast.


Do pangolins have "baby teeth" that they loose and get adult teeth?

Tricky! I don't think Pangolins have baby teeth or any teeth for that matter since they are anteaters.

Do pangolins have "baby teeth" that they loose and get adult teeth?
Pangolins are mammals with very ODD hair that look like plates, but mammal nonetheless, so as mammals, they would seem to have two sets of teeth like other mammals: the baby-deciduous teeth and the adult permanent teeth, but they actually lack teeth!

See info below

The pangolin (also called the scaly anteater) is an unusual mammal that is covered with tough, protective scales made of keratin (the same substance that hair, fingernails, and horn are made from). There are 7 species of pangolins that live in grasslands and forests in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia (Genus Manis). The pangolin lives up to 14 years in captivity.

Anatomy: The pangolin has scales that cover everything except the belly, snout, eyes, ears, and undersides of the limbs. The pangolin has short legs with huge claws; it uses its claws to dig into ant hills and termite mounds. The sticky tongue is up to 27 inches (70 cm) long. The pangolin ranges from 24-62 inches (60-160 cm) long. The pangolin has no teeth. The long tail is prehensile (grasping); the pangolin can even hang from its tail.

Diet: This insectivore (insect-eater) uses its long, sticky tongue to catch ants, termites, and other insects. It hunts mostly at night; it is a nocturnal animal.

Predators: When in danger, the pangolin curls into a ball, protecting its soft belly and face. It may also hit an enemy with its tail or spray it with urine. Its enemies include lions, tigers, and humans.
Reply:As near as I can tell from the scientific literature, Pangolin have no teeth at any stage of their development.

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Baby teeth that do not fall out naturally?

I'm 26 and have 2 baby teeth that haven't fallen out. One of the teeth does not have a permanent tooth in place for it, so if it's pulled, there's no permanent tooth there to grow in (congenitally missing tooth). My other problem is that my permanent canine grew in through my gums over my baby canine that has never fallen out. I will have the baby tooth pulled, and braces to correct the problem in a few years, when I can hopefully afford it.

From what I've read, baby teeth not falling out isn't really an extremely common problem, but it does happen. Some people's baby teeth last them into old age, if they take very good care of them, but that's not very common. If there's a permanent tooth there, showed by a pan-x, then the baby tooth should probably be pulled to allow the permanent tooth to grow in.

Baby teeth that do not fall out naturally?
Need to be pulled in order for adult teeth to grow in. Adult teeth are probably in place up in the gums waiting for their chance.
Reply:If the adult tooth is already growing in and the baby tooth is in the way, then the adult tooth may end up in a crooked position. If the baby tooth is wiggly, you could probably remove it yourself. If not, see a dentist.

How old is the child? Some kids may have delayed exfoliation of baby teeth.

Also, it is possible that the baby tooth does not have a permanent tooth growing in behind it, so in some cases you may have to leave the baby tooth there. But, it's best to go to the dentist and have x-rays to find out for sure!
Reply:If the tooth hasnt fallen out DO NOT MAKE IT FALL OUT. Baby teeth fall out when the adult teeth PUSH it out as the adult tooth erupts (come up from under the gumline). If the baby tooth doesnt fall out then that could mean there is NO adult tooth underneath. It is seen on an xray where there is an adult tooth underneath the baby tooth or not. Consult a dentist.


Baby teeth bust lip open???

Our son who is 11 months fell over at the park and bust the top of his lip open blood flow has stopped but it is swollen and looks sore altho he isnt complaining. Is there anything extra we can do for him, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow as its night time here now. It was soo scary.

Baby teeth bust lip open???
This is very common. Baby teeth are very sharp! And any facial wound bleeds a lot. The swelling is also normal. Putting cold cloths on it wit help. But trust me. If he is not complaining it is ok. Babies are not shy with not feeling well.
Reply:He will be fine where the bleeding has stopped. My boys have all done this before. IB profin will help with the swelling and ice if he will let you. I'm sure the Dr. will tell you the same thing. Your a good mommy, we tend to let it scare us more than it does them.


Baby teeth are comeing looks like there comeing from the front of gums?

is thos normal or not theres like a lil poke comeing from in from of her gums shes 12 weeks and i know shes young but doctor said its possable ..whats wrong here

Baby teeth are comeing looks like there comeing from the front of gums?
my kids got teeth really early as well that sounds pretty normal to me but sometimes babies get teeth coming through and then they go back up and then keep doing that for a while. but i know both of my kids did that for a while before cutting a tooth good luck and congrats on baby by the way
Reply:my daughters came in at 41/2 months.

There have been very rare cases of the baby being born with some teeth.
Reply:They always look like they're coming through the front at first..and then they end up looking right. Every tooth my daughter gets I'm like 'oh my god, it's coming the front' and they've all come in straight.

12 weeks isn't too early..some kids just get them at different daughter is 22 months and even has her 2 year molars and her eye teeth just started coming in this month.

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